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Studio C Artists is proud to present their next series of one acts… IN THE KITCHEN. This series of brand new short plays is a collaboration of 4 producers, 4 directors, 8 writers, and 23 actors and is comprised of 8 plays that all take place in a kitchen setting. The theme of this series is gossip… because IN THE KITCHEN is “Where The Food Is Hot And The Gossip Is Hotter!” The shows cover a wide variety of topics including family heritage, romance, coming out, signing God up for Facebook, and even a one night stand with Batman! There is a nice balance of dramas and comedies.

This series is also being entered as a participant in the Hollywood Fringe Festival.  The festival runs from June 12-29, 2014, along Theatre Row in Hollywood, CA.  Awards are given out to shows in various categories.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL TICKETS FOR THE FRINGE PERFORMANCES (ALL JUNE SHOWINGS) ARE ALSO AVAILABLE THROUGH THE HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL BOX OFFICE.

The short plays are broken into two groups to run on different nights:  
“Out Of The Frying Pan” – runs 6/13, 6/21, 6/27, 7/12, 7/18, & 7/26

  • DAGNABBIT by Craig Bealer – Directed by Warren Davis and starring Brian Carpenter, JP Hubbell, & Jake Jacobi
  • O’MALLEY by Chris Karmiol – Directed by Rochelle Leffler and starring Mandy Denaux, M.D. Edelstein, Sara Ann Lassner, & Matt Masella
  • OF THE FATHER AND OF THE SON by James Edward Quinn – Directed by Amanda Hallman and starring Joseph Cole Baken & Tad Coughenour
  • GRAN AMOUR by Lena Bouton – Directed by Warren Davis and starring Lena Bouton, Louise Martin, & Ryan Smith


“Cooking With Gas” – runs 6/14, 6/20, 6/28, 7/11, 7/19, & 7/25

  • LEMONADE WITH A TWIST by Roy Battocchio – Directed by Amanda Hallman and starring Dean Ghaffari & Sherry Michaels
  • GOTCHA by Jack Courtney – Directed by Sabrina Lloyd and starring Carol Kaufman, Max Lichtig, & Peter Staloch
  • I AM THAT I AM by Tim DeRoche – Directed by Rochelle Leffler and starring Mark Gaddis, Sara Ann Lassner, & Max Lichtig
  • ONE NIGHT STAND by Gina Nicewonger – Directed by Sabrina Lloyd and starring Alejandra Bursik-Cervantes, Jane Kim, & Shaun Ryan


Producers: Michael Lamb & Michael Sonntag
Artistic Director: John Coppola
Asst. Artistic Director: Rochelle Leffler
Stage Manager: Alex Nicholas
Set Design:  Beau Von Donkelaar


All Performances Start At 8:00PM.
Both groups will alternate between Fridays and Saturdays.  
Please check schedule for details:


Out Of The Frying Pan Cooking With Gas
Friday, June 13 Saturday, June 14
Saturday, June 21 Friday, June 20
Friday, June 27 Saturday, June 28
Saturday, July 12 Friday, July 11
Friday, July 18 Saturday, July 19
Saturday, July 26 Friday, July 25


General Admission – $15.00 in advance ($20 at the door)
Approximate running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes